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Social Media is how companies can connect to their audience, find new clients and expand their presence with free advertising. Utilising social media is key for most businesses.

MTV Presents Gibraltar Calling

September 2017

We took over the festival social media in the days running up to and during the festival in 2017. We noticed a lack in engagements from the previous team that ran the social media and changed the style of the posts to best suit the target market and it made a big difference in social media engagements - engagement went up astronomically by 1000%. These skills can be put into practice with any event, business or team that we do media for; at Clickbait Media we cater for your individual clients/customers.

Gibraltar Netball

2016 - Present

We have covered a range of netball events through Gibraltar Netball, from grassroots to international levels. Our work ranges widely, from posting graphics and announcements on social media, providing live commentary for streams, and providing coverage for local media outlets. This gives us a well-rounded view of media, especially in sports teams, that we can bring to future clients.

London Pulse Netball

September 2019 - Present

Through working with the franchise, from U15 level to the VNSL squad, we have created and run social media campaigns. We also create graphics, articles, blogs and videos for the club. The nature of the job worked well for us, as we have to be precise and organised in order to get everything prepared to go out on time. This level of precision and organisation is the standard Clickbait Media bring to all our clients and events. 

Hillingdon Literary Festival

2018, 2019

We were hired to run the media for the Hillingdon Literary Festival 2018 and 2019, which means that we were in charge of their social media sites in the run-up and during the festival. Over the course of 3 months, we kept our festival-goers updated on the speakers, events and activities that would be occurring during the festival. During it, we posted regular updates from the event itself and had an Instagram story to highlight the speakers and their works. We completed the festival with very successful event media coverage from the run-up to its completion. 


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