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Specialised Packages

Specialised Packages

We have our 3-tier set packages, but we recognise that different businesses have different needs and we want to facilitate for this. Our specialised packages are created specifically to suit your needs. If your business would like us to look at more unique specialised packages, feel free to contact us for more details.


C U S T O M   P O S T S   P E R   W E E K

7 Facebook Posts

7 Twitter Posts

7 Instagram Posts

I N C L U D E D   P E R   M A T C H

(M A X   4   PE R   M O N T H)

Live Tweet Home Games

Quarter Time Graphics

Match Report

I N C L U D E D   P E R   M O N T H

Posting Plan

Progress Report

Competitor Report

£100 Facebook Ads

2 SEO Blogs

4 Moving Images

Custom GIFs

1 Video (20 Seconds)

1 Email Campaign


Daily Social Media Check

Personal Account Manager

S E T - U P

Google My Business

Social Media Accounts Set-Up/ Improvement

M A T C H   D A Y   (E X T R A)

Away Match Live Tweet


Due to the vast nature of events, we will need to discuss with you directly how to best approach the social media handling. The pricing for the events will then be added up based on what is decided upon. This means that every event will have a personalised approach to best suit its size, target market and budget.

We can provide many services such as:

P R E - E V E N T


Advertising Tickets



D U R I N G   E V E N T



Live Tweet

Instagram Stories


Snapchat Stories

Facebook Live

Regular Updates

P O S T   E V E N T

End of the Day/End of

Events Highlights