Clickbait Media Ltd

Website Design

Different businesses have different requirements for websites, from showing off your products to creating a sense of calm while booking your next reflexology appointment. Our websites are tailor-made to each client.

Sarah Reflexology

For Sarah's website, she wanted the user to feel comfortable and welcome, so we used an elegant layout and colour scheme to ensure this was portrayed in her site. In her site contains information about reflexology, her treatments and the user can easily make a booking using the calendar to see when Ssrah is free for appointments.

Lidia's Bake

The development for Lidia's Bake was for the complete redesign of the whole website, revamping the layout, colouring, blog posting, workshop booking and eventually an online store. This allowed Clickbait to show their talents to create a beautiful website while utilising other sites like Eventbrite.

Clickbait Media

Clickbait Media's website was created to show the potential of their business, presenting their professional work in a clean and fluid environment. The design was to be kept modern and clean while clearly displaying all of the different packages available.


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